Getting the Most Out of Test Within Visual Studio 2010, in the Azure Cloud

Interested in how to integrate testing into the application development lifecycle? Wondering how development and testing for cloud based applications works with Visual Studio 2010? Then you may well be interested in this free event.

One of our testing partners, nFocus, is running a free event at the Microsoft Campus at Reading on October 26th:

Session 1: “We want to be together”, why is it important that test is integrated into the application lifecycle?

Session 2: Demo… A day in the life of a tester and a developer in the world of Visual Studio 2010, in the Azure Cloud.

In this session we will demonstrate some of the most important features of Visual Studio 2010 in a Azure cloud environment. We will also take a light-hearted look from both the tester and developer perspective at the full application lifecycle; from building the test plan right through to accepting and deploying the build. These are some of the features with VS2010 that we will examine:

1. Test Manager

2. Test Impact Collector

3. Rich, editable bugs

4. Using Visual Studio 2010 in the Azure Cloud

And more...

Details and registration here.


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