Eaglestone – Early Release of the Cross Platform Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010

Brian Harry has announced the release of “Eaglestone”, which is the first release of the cross platform team explorer following the acquisition of the Teamprise assets. His blog provides a lot of details but I’ve just downloaded the Eclipse plugin and thought I’d point out a few differences when compared to the Teamprise solution:


When you right-click on a project and select Share Project you now see “Team Foundation Server” rather than Teamprise.


There are Microsoft T&C’s to read and accept, then select the trial option for now.


There’s a Team Foundation Server Exploring perspective (replaces the Teamprise perspective)


A lot of the TFS 2010 features are now supported – in this shot you can see child Tasks for a User Story being handled correctly (I created these work items with Eaglestone as well).

Looks good – I’m going to play around with it some more and let you know what else I find.


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