Team Foundation Server 2010 RC Power Tools now available

Power Tools compatible with the Release Candidate are now available. This includes everything in the Beta 2 Power Tools release plus some bug fixes and a return of the Team Members functionality which adds a new node under each Team Project to the Team Explorer called "Team Members" that identifies people who work on the project. Serves as a "pivot point" for information about and operations on people and teams.

The Power Tools include:

  • Process Template Editor

  • Team Foundation Server Best Practices Analyzer

  • Check-In Policy Pack (Custom Path Policy, Forbidden Patterns Policy and Changeset Comments Policy

  • Work Item Query Policy

  • Work Item Templates

  • Alert Editor

  • Windows Shell Extension       

  • PowerShell Support   

  • TFPT Command Line 

  • Team Members


Comments (2)

  1. Basiclife says:

    After installing the powertools for VS2010RC, I see the new "Team Members" node and best practice analyser, etc… But can’t see the custom alert editor – In previous versions, it was an additional Node under the project in Team Explorer.

    I still have the standard "Project Alerts" dialogue with the limited selection but no obvious way to add/amend queries which trigger alerts.

    Can you please point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks

  2. gdavi says:

    There’s a good reason for that – it turns out that the Alerts node has moved. You can now find it either under the context menu of the server node or under the Team menu (in either case it’s now called "Alerts Explorer").

    The reason for this (I’ve just discovered) is because the alerts explorer works with alerts for the project collection, not just scoped to a specific project.



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