Visual Studio Gallery Extensions for Visual Studio 2010

I’ve been meaning to have a look at some of the extensions available for VS 2010 in the Visual Studio Gallery for a little while. The WPF based editor in 2010 allows for all sorts of exciting editor level extensions and I’d had a little play with some with Beta 1, but I wanted to see what was available for Beta 2. The answer is a lot 🙂 there are 76 tools for 2010 (many more templates and controls). There are a good mix of free and commercial, and the following caught my eye:

  • Yellow Marker – highlight lines of code with a mouse gesture. Useful when pointing out interesting lines of code.
  • IntelliSense Presenter – a WPF, customisable IntelliSense UI. Looks great.
  • Regex Editor – Syntax highlighting and more for regular expressions. I’ve been doing a little regular expression work recently and any help is good.
  • Image Insertion – Allow images to be added and displayed inside source. Useful to help with documentation.
  • Source Outliner – See a tree view of your source code elements. Helps understand and navigate the code.
  • Power Commands – A collection of useful commands available from the menu.

I’m very tempted to try and write an extension myself – not sure what yet, but you can download the source for the IntelliSense Presenter and a couple of the others, so there’s something to have a look and see how it’s done.

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