Visual Studio Gallery Extensions for Visual Studio 2010

I’ve been meaning to have a look at some of the extensions available for VS 2010 in the Visual Studio Gallery for a little while. The WPF based editor in 2010 allows for all sorts of exciting editor level extensions and I’d had a little play with some with Beta 1, but I wanted to…


TFS 2010 Power Tools – Coming Soon

A really good update on the release of the Power Tools for TFS 2010 in Brian Harry’s blog. Key points of interest; The Power Tools should be available within a week. Clarification of features that have moved from the Power Tools in 2008 into the core product for 2010. Summary of changes to the individual…


Installing TFS 2010 on Windows Home Server

A really interesting blog from Jason Neave on getting TFS Basic up and running on Windows Home Server. I’m inspired to do this myself now (I just need to replace my deceased Windows Home Server hardware): Cheers, Giles


Microsoft has Acquired the Teamprise Client Suite

Very interesting and exciting news – Microsoft has acquired the Teamprise Client Suite that provides (amongst other things) access to TFS from Eclipse. Good blogs to read: The official announcement From the Visual Studio product group From Teamprise Cheers, Giles


Enabling Code Coverage in VS 2010 Beta 2

A quick “how-to” as the steps to enable code coverage are different in Beta 2. To enable code coverage (assuming that you have some unit tests defined already and that you have either Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Premium or Ulitmate): Open the Solution Explorer. Open the Solution Items folder Double-click the Local.testsettings file: Select…


Migrate Existing Test Cases To TFS 2010

If you have been looking at the new Test & Lab Manager with Visual Studio 2010 and you’re wondering how you can import your existing test cases then take a look at the Test Case Migrator (Excel) Tool that has just been released to Codeplex.  Rich