Need to Load test WCF Applications?

Rob Jarratt (fellow UK Microsoftie) has just released a tool that will take a WCF trace and generate a Visual Studio unit test that will replay the traced calls. Once you have it in a unit test, it is easy to use the load tests in Test Edition to see how your service scales. Don't forget if you find it doesn't scale to the numbers you need, attached the Developer Edition profiler to your service, re-run the test and the new 2008 hotpath feature will point you straight at the slow bits! Hmm, enough of that I'm starting to sound like a sales guy :-(

You can download the tool, source code, docs and even a tutorial lab from here:

I had been aware of this tool for a while now, so it is great to see Rob persuading the "powers that  be" to release it and get it up on CodePlex - nice one Rob 🙂


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  1. so we meet again… WCF Diversity Training! I picked that up from David Chappell’s whitepaper on Dealing

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