Using DBPro and CA’s ERwin

I've just watched a very good webcast on the integration between DBPro and ERwin. This integration enables you to use ERwin's DB modelling tools and have DBPro manage the schema under source control, write SQL unit tests and generate test data - i.e having your cake and eating it. The webcast also shows how you can use ERwin to allow you to use DBPro on non-SQL server database - Its nice to know its there, but I'll let you make your own minds up as to whether you would actually use this.

You can download a recording of the webcast from here.

Neil's Top Tip: If you are watching webcast, you can save yourself some time by watching them faster than normal speed. In Windows Media Player you do this without increasing the pitch of any voices; so the presenters don't end up sounding like Mickey Mouse.

To do this; show the Play Speed Settings

How to display the Speed Settings

Now, just move the slider

WMPlayer's speed settings 

to your desired speed. Normally 1.4 is a good speed, but this video is heavily compressed, hence the sound quality isn't the best, so I used 1.2. Which over a 38 min recording saved me a whole 7 minutes - enough time for me to blog it 🙂

Oh and if you don't want to watch the recording, click here for CA's white paper on DBPro / Erwin integration - there is also a demo version of ERwin downloadable from that link.

For a webcast on what DBPro is and does, have a look here.


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