New Version of IEeee!

With the imminent closure of GotDotNet I've moved IEeee! over to CodePlex. I've also added couple of significant extra features, including:

  • Crop and mark up the screen shot with the new Image Editor.
  • Assign default values to any work item field using the Field Default Values feature.
  • Full online documentation and help files.
  • Save the browsers details to the non default description field.
  • Couple of bug fixes including better support for people not using Windows Authentication to talk to TFS.
  • If you haven't already seen IEeee!, it is an addin to Internet Explorer that allows you to easily submit a defect about the page you are currently browsing. Because it is integrated into IE it can capture a significant amount of extra information that normally wouldn't get included in a defect report, this includes:

    • A Screen Shot of the page
    • The source HTML of the page
    • Any script files being used by the page
    • Any CSS pages that are referenced in the page
    • Details about the client browser configuration (e.g. screen resolution, browser version, ...)
    • Assign default values for any field in the defect report (e.g. Area, Iteration, Assigned To, ...)

    If you ever have to raise defect reports on web pages, check out IEeee!, it could make you life a lot easier!

    You can download it from here or see the User Guide for more information.


    Comments (3)

    1. Ok, so RTM’ed is a big exaggeration, but I’ve updated IEeee – the IE addin to allow you to raise bugs

    2. Have you ever been in a position where someone raises a bug on a web page that you have been working

    3. My apologies for taking some time to get round to this, but I’ve finally fixed a couple of bugs that

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