Team System Load testing At Hotmail

Ok, performance testing is kind of my thing. I've spent months of my life in our scalability labs in Reading hammering the life out of all sorts of applications. As a result of this experience I have a soft spot for the load testing support in Team Test and the Profiler in Team Developer - so much so that Rich has banned me from talking about them in our Team System presentations. Anyway, enough of that, the guys at Hotmail have been using Team Test to load test Hotmail! Now that is a scalability test of your scalability testing tools if ever I saw one 🙂

”With Visual Studio Team System, we have been able to improve our test result accuracy by at least a factor of 20% over the results we got from our previous tools. Now the capacity results produced in the test lab are very much in-line with what the operations team measures on the live site. This helps the whole team stay synchronized and make improvements to Windows Live Hotmail as a whole.”


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