Visual Studio "Orcas" June 2007 pre-CTP

[UPDATE] Beta 2 is now out, please don't get this "CTP". Get the beta here:

  Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

[UPDATE] I seem to have jumped the gun by single handly announcing and releasing Visual Studio Orcas CTP4.

The Product Group have release an newer version ov Visual Studio, but they aren't releasing it as a CTP. It is aimed at fixing a couple of problems for some targeted customers. The reality of this isn't tested or upto the quality of a proper CTP. You can still use this download, but it has some problems and it isn't supported for TFS. I would recomend waitining until Beta 2.Sorry for any confussion I have caused.

If you are going to ignore that advice, then you can download the latest pre-CTP from:

Because there are several large files, if you are downloading it from IE, you might want to check out:

This article explains how to increase the number of connections IE can open to the download server - this will enable you to kick of all the downloads together then go for a cup of coffee - ok a really large cup of coffee.


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