Free web access to TFS!

Yesterday Microsoft announced its acquisition of devBiz, the developers of TeamPlain (a web based interface into TFS). As a result of this, you can now download and install TeamPlain for free! - you will of course need a TFS CAL to access the server through TeamPlain. We will be rolling TeamPlain into the boxed product in the future, but as we are allowing access to it as soon as we could, we haven't even had time to re-brand it.

  Download it from here

I've included some screenshots below, but for more details about TeamPlain, see

  TeamPlain Overview

Oh and if you want to read more details about the deal, support arrangements, etc ... see

  Brian Harry's blog


  The Press Announcement

Create Work Items

Query Work Items

Edit Work Items

Of course you can do a whole lot more than this, but there wasn't really too much point in me reprinting the whole of the devBiz web site.


Comments (2)

  1. Yesterday was a busy day in Visual Studio land. As well as marking the 10th anniversary of the release

  2. Julian-Kuiters says:

    Funny… I actually prefer this web interface to the visual studio environment.

    This interface is so much cleaner, and more organised.

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