Invasion of the Robots!

By Matt Duffin. In July’s issue of the newsletter, we introduced you to the Invasion of the Robots Contest and its British counterpart, Team Britbot. These competitions invite you to create a conversational robot, or ‘bot’, that can be used with MSN® Messenger and Windows® Live™ Messenger to be in for a chance to share…


[Article(".NET Attributes")]

There have been many articles on Attributes, so rather than go through the rigmarole  of re-hashing a subject I have will give a quick introduction. After that I have knocked up a quick demo which will hopefully get you moving in the right direction! At the end is a list of useful resources. What are…


Introduction to the CLR

The CLRThe Common Language Runtime (CLR) coupled with the Common Type system (CTS) provides the basis for numerous languages to work on the .NET Framework. But what is the CLR? It is an environment that compiles and runs executable code similarities to the Java Runtime. The CLR Performs its compilation on Managed code; this provides…


UK Imagine Cup Boy Discovered!

Ever heard of Jo Hemmerlein? Neither had we, until the other day he dropped the UK academic team a hello. Quote from Jo’s e-mail:“… obviously someone came up with the idea to give the Imagine Cup UK a face (… so I couldn’t resist sharing the following with you now Can you imagine that I got…


Have I got news for you!

Imagine Cup UK Finals 06, first hand review and results! Arriving at St. Anne’s Manor, after what can only be described as the most tedious taxi journey of my life, I was looking forward to meet the teams who would be fighting it out to be this years UK Imagine Cup Finalists. Fame, fortune, X-Box 360s…


A Fibonacci Solution in Monad!

Little did I know, but one of my compatriots cracked my mini-challenge to re-implement the fib. sequence in MSH using recurssion! If you are interested, jump over to his blog and check out the solution : Warning: Solution!


The results are in!

Just dropping a quick reminder to anyone who entered the ‘Win a X-Box 360’ student newsletter competittion, (it only took an e-mail to enter!)  that the results are in. The results will be in the next studentzine which will be out sometime today (it’s in the oven, getting hard baked). So make sure you are signed up…


Cider to help the XAML go down!

An Introduction to XAML, Cider and all things WPF: by Andy Sithers Let me begin with a confession. I’m laughably untalented as an artist – I constantly struggle to out-draw my 6-year old, and my 3-year old’s appreciation of colour and form leaves me standing. In fact, so challenged am I that if you gave…


More, no less!?

First question, does LS work?! I am happy to say the answer is yes as you can see from the screen shot (Fig 1.1)  LS prints out the contents of the current directory in a nice neat way. Re-direction of text and piping work too, but with an added twist. Unlike BASH piping in MSH…


Monad and a bit of BASH

Total Cost of Ownership, pretty GUI’s and of course the browser wars are always on the forefront of people’s minds when debating Microsoft. Unlike the usual debates the one thing for me which I miss from the Linux world, is the power and neatness of the command shell. From performing administration on a remote box…