Imagine Cup on The Register

As you may or may not know, the winners of the UK Imagine Cup are blogging about their trials and tribulation on The Register-Developer ( It’s been interesting so far to see what the boys have been up-to and we have got a lot out of it. So waht about the other imagine cup teams…


UK Imagine Cup Boy Discovered!

Ever heard of Jo Hemmerlein? Neither had we, until the other day he dropped the UK academic team a hello. Quote from Jo’s e-mail:“… obviously someone came up with the idea to give the Imagine Cup UK a face (… so I couldn’t resist sharing the following with you now Can you imagine that I got…


Have I got news for you!

Imagine Cup UK Finals 06, first hand review and results! Arriving at St. Anne’s Manor, after what can only be described as the most tedious taxi journey of my life, I was looking forward to meet the teams who would be fighting it out to be this years UK Imagine Cup Finalists. Fame, fortune, X-Box 360s…


A Fibonacci Solution in Monad!

Little did I know, but one of my compatriots cracked my mini-challenge to re-implement the fib. sequence in MSH using recurssion! If you are interested, jump over to his blog and check out the solution : Warning: Solution!


The results are in!

Just dropping a quick reminder to anyone who entered the ‘Win a X-Box 360’ student newsletter competittion, (it only took an e-mail to enter!)  that the results are in. The results will be in the next studentzine which will be out sometime today (it’s in the oven, getting hard baked). So make sure you are signed up…


Imagine Cup Email – 9 Days To Go

Only 9 days to go to the Round One deadline!  If you have already completed & submitted your Round One entry for the Software Design Challenge – well done!  Remember to take a look at the previous two communications (listed below on from Mint Source) for things you should now be preparing for around Poster…


Cider to help the XAML go down!

An Introduction to XAML, Cider and all things WPF: by Andy Sithers Let me begin with a confession. I’m laughably untalented as an artist – I constantly struggle to out-draw my 6-year old, and my 3-year old’s appreciation of colour and form leaves me standing. In fact, so challenged am I that if you gave…


Presenting at the UK Imagine Cup finals – oh my….

Nearly every Computing degree in the UK requires, at some point, students to get up in front of their peers and lecturers and talk about a piece of work or project they have completed towards their degree mark. Having been one of those students and had the opportunity at Microsoft to sit on some of…


More Hints, Tips & Info for Imagine Cup

Hello, Hope things are going well! 🙂 Here is some more important information for you around the Software Design Challenge – let us know if you have any questions at uksdc06@microsoft.comMany of you will be already thinking about what you need to do if you are deemed a UK Top 10 Finalist… If so, then…