Life as an Intern (Laura Blackmore)

My role at Microsoft revolves around many of the skills I have learnt throughout my two years at university. I first started Liverpool John Moores University in 2007 without any courses in mind. I decided to study BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems as it looked to be quite varied. My first year involved Networking studies, Problem Resolving, Stocks & Shares Management & various other modules around computer hardware maintenance and also business and ICT Skills. I then went into my second year with a broad range of skills which I wanted to enhance and so had the opportunity to take two Microsoft Certified courses in Windows Server 2000 implementation and also SQL Server 2005 Management. I took these courses along with other modules including Web Design and Database Management. I then started my internship at Microsoft initially being hired for a Business Analyst job within the Sales Excellence team for the Enterprise & Partner Group. This deals with the analytics of the sales data derived from some of the big contract Microsoft has with its partners such as the government and the NHS. My sector lies within EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Asia) and the analysing reports can be companies from any of these countries.

So far in my role I have been involved with the editing of the EPG SharePoint which is the internal workspace for file sharing and news press amongst the team. It is used internally for the posting of necessary reports and relevant documentation for the whole of EPG. I have also pulled together reports to analyse how much of the sales data is derived from each product Microsoft sells. I am also involved in a Bid Management project along with the Licensing team which enables me to put together proposals to be sent to big companies in order to win their contract. I am also responsible for the EPG weekly newsletter and send this out across the team including industry news, cross company news, upcoming events, and any win stories from each sector.

Whilst at Microsoft I have the opportunity to complete Certified Application courses for free as part of my employment, so far I have taken up all of the Licensing Fundamentals courses which enables me to be a Licensing Specialist, I can then go on to be licensing Engineer – allowing me to move across to the Licensing Team and work customer facing. I have also completed all the necessary Office Application Specialist exams, meaning I am a certified specialist in Office applications. I am also going to upgrade my university certificates and become an engineer in SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2005 allowing me to go into companies and implement this software; I also have a developing background and can then use this to develop coding for these applications.

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