Microsoft Surface – Real world meets software engineering

Warren Rieutort-Louis, third year at CUED and a Microsoft Student Partner in Cambridge, explores the power of software engineering and the design process through a new touch technology that hopes to revolutionise the way we interact with out environment…  Read the article here



Students love free stuff, fact. Dreamspark was launched by Microsoft to do just that. Free downloads of Visual Studio and other cool Microsoft products such as Windows Server were already available for students. However, Microsoft decided this wasn’t enough and in January the new Dreamspark was launched to students around the world. Now Microsoft offers…


Making bigger bets with smaller stakes.

Keeping Lionhead Innovative. Adam Jethro Langridge   How do you make something big and innovative? That’s a particularly interesting question in the computer games industry. It is easy to see its significance once you peruse your local Computer Game store. When I look around a game shop, I tend to look for something exciting and…


F# …Functional programming in the .Net world – Kevin Pfister

F# was developed as an experimental programming language by Microsoft Research to provide a combination of many sought after features in other programming languages. The problem with most programming languages is that they usually have to give up on functionality to achieve it elsewhere; C# for example gave up on a slight performance overhead while…


Visualising media search better (Part 2) – Kevin Pfister

The way Image search results look now hasn’t really changed much in the last few years, I ask the simple question …why? In this article I want to try something that hasn’t been done before; combining Deep Zoom and Live Image Search. I call it DeepSearch  …Sounds awesome! In the last article we used a…