How to queue like an Englishman!

The 360 launch spirals ever closer in the UK and I for one have not got an X-Box 360 pre-ordered! Instead I shall be taking part in the age old English tradition of queuing. As to promote the beneficial aspects of queuing I have compiled my own list of Top-Tips for queuing. What allows to…


X-Box 3L337 skillz

With the launch of the X-Box 360 now is the perfect time to show off your 3L337 skillz to the world check out this simple way to embed your Gamer Card into a web page. 


Taking the red pill or forgetting to!

As mentioned in the last blog entry on the Imagine Cup software design competition in the UK this is the first of a series of posts about the challenges which ordinary people face in leading healthy lives and the challenges which face the healthcare industry in helping us lead healthier lives. After sitting down with…


Bill Gates, Einstein and Beckham?

What do Bill Gates, David Beckham and Einstein all have in common? Watch this little video from the UK Academic team to find out! (Currently Good Sheep)


Features Video!

Who better to tell you about their favorite features in the .NET 2.0 Base Class Libraries than a couple of program managers?! Check out this video for some hidden gold features of .NET 2.0


What’s My IP?

Ken Getz has written a cracking little article on getting a users IP address via web-services! Sounds like a novel approach to a classic problem.


Messenger Activity SDK

Thought that MSN Messenger could do with extra functionality that gives you a back massage whilst chatting? If you haven’t seen it yet, get your hands on the Messenger SDK and start dev-ing. If that wasn’t enough, there is a competition to win an Alienware laptop! 


Keeping Track of Time

Keep track of all the different projects, lectures and parties that are going on at one time can be a real mission. Follow Adrian Kulp in another coding4fun article on creating a time management application.


Visual Studio Add-ins

For all you Chaps using Visual Studio 2005 this is a great list of add-ins that will really help your productivity. I especially like the one that auto generates useful comments!


360 Blasts Off

Look like Microsoft’s X-box 360 has got off to a great start with people queuing through the night to get their hands on the latest console. Can’t wait till mine turns up, though I seem to be the only person playing King Kong in the office! Check out the official website