Phased rollout of SharePoint 2013 Preview

Many customers are keen to evaluate and understand the technology impact of new product versions. In the SharePoint space, there are many customers running the SharePoint 2010 product version currently in their production environment but are keen to understand how SharePoint 2013 Preview can help or improve their capability.  Performing a full migration of the products…


Installing SharePoint 2010 on a single machine

When SharePoint 2007 was in beta, I wrote a blog article about how to install it on a single machine. This was one of my most popular articles so I thought I’d repeat the process for SharePoint Server 2010 Beta 2. This article should be read in addition to the official installation guide on TechNet….


SharePoint 2010 – New Shared Services

With SharePoint 2010 around the corner, I thought I’d provide a brief overview of the NEW Shared Service model. That is, how the Shared Service Provider (SSP) from SharePoint 2007 has fundamentally changed for SharePoint 2010. So, what’s this “Service” thing you’re on about? Well, officially, in SharePoint 2010 terms, a Service is a “middle…