Office Communicator integration (Presence) in a custom webpart for SharePoint 2010

I recently spent a while trying to integrate the Office Communicator presence pawn into a custom web part and found it a little tricky so wanted to share my learning’s. With SharePoint 2010’s new social capabilities, I see this integration as being a must-have for any webpart or other custom interface that refers to people….


Introducing Site Directory for SharePoint 2010

Those of you that have spent some time looking at SharePoint 2010, may have noticed that the Site Directory has been largely dropped. On account of this, myself and several other writers on this blog have been working on a custom solution called ‘Site Directory for SharePoint 2010’ which is now available on CodePlex here:…


Configuring Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Search in SharePoint 2010

One of the feature in SharePoint 2010 which has received one of the bigger facelifts is Business Connectivity Services (BCS) – what we used to call Business Data Catalogue (BDC) in SharePoint 2007. This is a really powerful set of tools for connecting external data into SharePoint. If you are not familiar with BCS, I’d…


Installing SharePoint 2010 on a single machine

When SharePoint 2007 was in beta, I wrote a blog article about how to install it on a single machine. This was one of my most popular articles so I thought I’d repeat the process for SharePoint Server 2010 Beta 2. This article should be read in addition to the official installation guide on TechNet….


Using custom Event Log Sources on Least Privilege SharePoint Servers

As you will surely be aware, it is best practice to install production SharePoint farms using something called the “least privilege account principle”. This effectively means that each service account in the farm is dedicated to a specific job and has only the minimum rights required in order to do that job. This is best…


How to include Document Template Files in Content Type Features

I recently spent longer than I should have done trying to create what I thought was a fairly simple feature; one that adds a content type to a site collection and also adds a physical file as the document template. This is a common scenario when developing content types to be used in document libraries….


Modifying out-of-the-box SharePoint Server 2007 files

One of the most common and simple ways to customise SharePoint is to directly modify the files that are installed as part of the product (referred to as ‘SharePoint-owned’ files). This is common practice; but not necessarily good practice for many reasons, the most obvious being that this type of customisation is officially unsupported. In…


Using multiple Contact Selector controls in a single InfoPath form

I know what you’re thinking ….”Wooohooo … yet another article from Martin about InfoPath and the Contact Selector control!”. I know I’m sounding a bit like a broken record with this particular topic right now but there are lots of useful tips to share about this control and how to get the best of it….


Quick Tip: Storing InfoPath Contact Selector values in SharePoint

Some time ago now, I published a post entitled Quick Tip: Using the SharePoint ‘Person or Group’ field in code which covered details of how to use the ‘Person or Group’ field type in your custom applications. As I eluded to at the end of that post, one of the most common uses of the…


Quick Tip: Using the SharePoint ‘Person or Group’ field in code

One of the coolest types of site column (or field) in SharePoint is the ‘Person or Group’ field type. This allows you to select people from the GAL using a nice little picker control. When users are selected, you benefit from all of the presence capabilities of SharePoint as shown in this screen shot: I…