How to create a site provisioning capability within SharePoint’s Sandbox constraints

This article offers a design for providing a controlled mechanism for SharePoint sub-site creation through an approval process, within the constraints of the SharePoint Sandbox. This approach could be used in a SharePoint Online/Office 365 scenario, or for within a corporate environment where there is a need to build and manage solutions more quickly. This…


“Relative Links” Error Message when verifying an InfoPath Form Template

Data connections are very used n InfoPath to pull data in from many different sources. The data connections are called UDC files. They areused by the Forms Service Proxy Web Service Protocol to connect to a target Web service. A form template uses the information in a UDC file to connect to a data source. One thing…


Using multiple Contact Selector controls in a single InfoPath form

I know what you’re thinking ….”Wooohooo … yet another article from Martin about InfoPath and the Contact Selector control!”. I know I’m sounding a bit like a broken record with this particular topic right now but there are lots of useful tips to share about this control and how to get the best of it….


Quick Tip: Storing InfoPath Contact Selector values in SharePoint

Some time ago now, I published a post entitled Quick Tip: Using the SharePoint ‘Person or Group’ field in code which covered details of how to use the ‘Person or Group’ field type in your custom applications. As I eluded to at the end of that post, one of the most common uses of the…


Quick Tip: Using the SharePoint ‘Person or Group’ field in code

One of the coolest types of site column (or field) in SharePoint is the ‘Person or Group’ field type. This allows you to select people from the GAL using a nice little picker control. When users are selected, you benefit from all of the presence capabilities of SharePoint as shown in this screen shot: I…


Top Tips for InfoPath form development with SharePoint: Part 1

InfoPath is a great tool that allows you to quickly design and implement browser-based electronic forms which can be delivered as HTML via SharePoint Form Services. Historically there hasn’t been much information available around best practices for development of browser-based InfoPath forms and most organisations have tended to define their own though trial and error….