Content Organizer: iCustomRouter Pending State Issue

The Content Organizer in SharePoint 2010 is a Feature that enables the routing of content to defined destinations such as SharePoint libraries, folders or other Content Organizer managed sites. It achieves this by analysing the items content type/metadata information and then matching that with a set of rules.  If it finds a matching rule the…


SharePoint Server 2010 – 10 Steps to Disaster Recovery

This article aims to help anyone creating a Disaster Recovery (DR) design/strategy for SharePoint Server 2010. This advice will be based on my experience of designing a DR model and after conversations with experts such as Spencer Harbar, Microsoft IT and SharePoint Online. Step 1. Do Some Research Read articles like this. It will only take…


On Gardens and Governance (3rd post)

This is the third in a series of posts that plays around with the idea that looking after SharePoint in your organization is a little like looking after a garden. We’ve been looking at the need for on-going governance of a SharePoint environment by way of an analogy: garden maintenance. Without some form of control…


Multi-Tenanted SharePoint 2010 Platforms

Since the emergence of the cloud, more specifically ‘Software as a Service’ or SAAS, applications which may once have been deployed locally in the corporate data centre are now being delivered via an externally managed shared infrastructure, the services of which are acquired via a subscription providing the already well documented benefits, Office 365 provides…


Talking Office 365 Podcast – The business case for the Social Features of SharePoint

The latest episode of Talking Office 365 podcast has an interview with Rob Finney from the MCS UK SharePoint team. During the interview Marlon Marescia the host of the Talking Office 365 podcast and Rob discuss the following: An overview of the social features included in SharePoint and SharePoint Online including: My Sites Profile pages…


SharePoint Workspace 2010 – Offline Working Capabilities

  This blog article aims to: Highlight some of the Offline Working functionality provided by Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, including which Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 lists and libraries can and cannot be synchronised Highlight the ways in which SharePoint Workspace 2010 communicates with SharePoint Server 2010 and what other functionality is available within SharePoint Workspace…


On Gardens and Governance (2nd post)

This is the second in a series of posts that plays around with the idea that looking after SharePoint in your organization is a little like looking after a garden. Without some form of control over it, it will quickly deteriorate and end up as something that is neither a pleasure to use nor something…


Custom Search Control Not Being Displayed in Meeting Workspace

Objective: Include an additional search control adjacent to the standard search box on a Meeting Workspace site, but not show any search controls on system pages (as is the default).  Problem: The Meeting Workspace masterpage MWSDefaultv4.master includes the ContentPlaceHolder with id=”PlaceHolderSearchArea” to display the standard search box. You might expect that if you modify the…


Quick Tip: Provisioning a List View to a Web Part Page

Following on from my recent post (Provisioning Web Parts to a Page), I had a question asking how to do this for List Views. Below is a code sample showing how to do this… 1: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 2: <Elements xmlns=""> 3: <Module Name="XYZCustomPages" RootWebOnly="True"> 4: <File Path="XYZCustomPages\Home.aspx" Url="Home.aspx" IgnoreIfAlreadyExists="true"> 5: <View List="Lists/Tasks" BaseViewID="0" WebPartZoneID="Left"…


Phillip Marsh

Phillip is a Solutions Architect at Microsoft Consulting Services in the UK.