Updated Permissions Spreadsheet for SharePoint 2010

Permissions within SharePoint provide a great way of controlling access to SharePoint sites and content. These permissions also allow for the User Interface to be trimmed so users only see the links and the content that they have access to. Back in the days of SharePoint 2007 a colleague Mark Arend (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/markarend/) put out handy…


Office Communicator integration (Presence) in a custom webpart for SharePoint 2010

I recently spent a while trying to integrate the Office Communicator presence pawn into a custom web part and found it a little tricky so wanted to share my learning’s. With SharePoint 2010’s new social capabilities, I see this integration as being a must-have for any webpart or other custom interface that refers to people….


Introducing Site Directory for SharePoint 2010

Those of you that have spent some time looking at SharePoint 2010, may have noticed that the Site Directory has been largely dropped. On account of this, myself and several other writers on this blog have been working on a custom solution called ‘Site Directory for SharePoint 2010’ which is now available on CodePlex here:…


SharePoint 2010 – NEW Social Computing Features

This blog post aims to provide an overview of some of the Social Computing Features available in SharePoint 2010. This will include discussions of: New User Interface Social Feedback Social Networking New User Interface The UI in SharePoint 2010 has changed a lot from SharePoint Server 2007 both in the general interface and in the…