Kumar Subramanyam

I am a Consultant within Microsoft Services working for Microsoft from May 2007. Before Microsoft I worked for a large Microsoft Gold Partner Multinational Company HQ in Canada (http://www.cgi.com/) and leaders in end-to-end Consulting and Systems Integration. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Commerce Server are my primary interests in the IW and APO space. During my free time I follow sports (especially Cricket) and sometimes read about latest theories on Universe such as M-String Theory. This is my first experience blogging :). Please provide suggestions and comments.


Kumar Subramanyam
Microsoft Services


Comments (2)

  1. Praveen Zala says:

    Hi Kumar –

    Nice to see you blogging. I am impressed you are blogging on something that you hold dear to your heart ! I have tried before and given up for want of more space (read time!). Wishing you a great stay in these cyber-alleys.

    Of course – one of the recent blogs that you have authored on a technical topic is quite exhaustive ! Keep it up mate !



  2. Nehemiah J says:

    Hi Kumar,

    Nice to see your blog. I am working in a multinational company in Hyderabad, India. I am new to shrepoint. I started learning this tool. Its nice writing in this blog.

    Thank You


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