Peter Reid

Peter Reid has recently left Microsoft to travel. However, he still has some great blog posts we are now publishing. Peter's bio from when he was here is:

"I'm Consultant II in Microsoft Consulting Services, and have been working in the IW space since the days when we were all barking mad and wrote intranets in HTML. I have been working on SharePoint since v2001, and have still not managed to stage a successful escape. Before coming to Microsoft I worked for a Gold Partner in South Africa which specialized in IW, Collaboration and Records Management solutions with SharePoint.

I have a degree in Computer Science, with majors in Software Project Management and Artificial Intelligence (the latter being a paltry attempt to divine what real intelligence might feel like, which failed miserably)

In my spare time I like sports such as scuba diving, skydiving, field hockey and cycling. I have an interest in quantum physics, and I like strangers to send me beer (I know this probably won’t happen as hardly anyone reads these bio’s, but I feel it’s worth a shot)

Please feel free to contact me regarding anything in these articles, as I welcome any feedback, or to get my address for beer delivery."


Peter Reid
SharePoint Consultant
Microsoft Consulting Services UK

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