Brian Wilson

Hi! I am a Senior Consultant within the UK SharePoint team in Microsoft Consulting Services and have been working for Microsoft since January 2007 having previously worked for several Gold Microsoft Partners who specialised in Collaboration/IW technologies. I am passionate about developing innovative solutions on the SharePoint platform.


Brian I previously worked for an African media giant with operations spanning 50 countries. My work involved expanding the Group Information Portal globally using technologies such as Office , Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007 and other .Net technologies. Other projects entailed a complete overhaul of their core systems to bring them in line with current technologies so that they could handle future subscriber growth. In the process, I obtained a deep understanding of the issues that businesses and IT departments face on a day-to-day basis.

Before that I worked for a Microsoft Gold Certified Solution Partner, Intervate (, a fantastic company with innovative, thoughtful and energetic people, in all stages of the technical implementation’s life cycle, including technical pre-sales, consulting and development to deliver innovative solutions on time and within budget.


Time permitting, I try to keep involved in many community groups and projects. On a personal basis, In my spare time, I stress my wife out by doing bad Zoolander impressions at every opportunity. I enjoy skiing and scuba diving, travelling, am an avid rugby union supporter and experiencing life to the fullest! I try get myself to the gym now and then too. 🙂

I welcome emails and feedback on any of my articles so if you have something to say please email me.

Brian Wilson

Senior Consultant

Microsoft Consulting Services UK


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