Learning2Go in Wolverhampton

Dave Whyley, in the Wolverhampton E Services team, is well-known in the education community for his passion for projects with mobile learning. The Learning2Go team have been active in Wolverhampton since 2003, and each year they’ve produced an annual report on the progress. This year’s report contains a number of case studies in which teachers,…


Rethinking the school day

We’re still in the foothills of a transformed education system. The fact that our national programme to create a transformed education system is called “Building Schools for the Future” is a pretty clear sign that we’re looking at this from today’s perspective Why didn’t somebody spot that the words “Building Schools” in the title might…


Homework Helper – a new way of using a search engine

James, a colleague of mine, has just told me about the beta release of Homework Helper he’s been working on the project team of. It’s a web site which is designed to help 12-16 year old students find the help they need for assignments and homework on the major subjects in England (It works for Wales…


SharePoint 2007 – want to really know what it can do for you?

My colleague, Phil Allen, who’s our resident educational-techie, has provided me with a document of links to really good SharePoint resources. Bless him, he wants to help you all find good stuff, but 7 pages of document, with each page containing long link lists! Phew, I think it might take a while working through that….


Windows Vista this summer?

A number of schools have started deploying Windows Vista, some for pilots or evaluation, and some right across the school (eg Long Eaton). And so, I wondered whether you would need any additional information or help..and at the same time my colleague Phil Allen was writing the first part of a series (so he tells…


Grava – what’s in a codename?

Is it me, or is there a random code-name generator somewhere in Microsoft. A but like those big clunky ones that sit in the cellars of the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall? (Okay, I know it’s not true, but hey) Today’s code name is Grava – something which shouldn’t really have a codename at this…



One of the new programmes included with the Office 2007 System is Groove. It allows you to setup a collaboration environment which is off line, and synchronised across different computers. You can do things like create a shared file folder, which can be used by anybody who has been allowed, whether or not they are…


Talk to the Hand

There’s a lot of new things inside Exchange 2007 – things like new features in Outlook Web Access and the ability to access e-mail, voice mail, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere that you have a connection (telephone and computer). In Exchange Server 2007, people can access their inbox information from virtually anywhere using their…