#TheFeed – Community Dementia Art Sway Project: #MIEE Report by Lee Whitmarsh

We are very excited to share how we are developing a community dementia art Sway project.  Alsager School students working in collaboration with Alsager Partnership are running several art workshops that will lead to a personalised interactive Sway Life Story for people with dementia and their families and carers. The starting point was the wish to create an innovative and collaborative community art project that raises awareness of dementia and positively impacts the lives of people living with dementia in the local community.

#TheFeed – Microsoft’s OneNote Digital Notebook Combating Dyslexia

#TheFeed is back for the March/April 2017 edition, and focusses on Accessibility. This extract is from the Microsoft in Education team, and looks at the latest updates and additions to the Learning Tools add-in for OneNote, all within the context of a recent BDA study conducted with a Surrey school to see how experiences outcomes can be improved for SEND learners through the introduction of appropriate technology.

#TheFeed – Device Review: Is it time to buy a Linx1010? – by Kevin Sait

Today, teachers, students and parents are blessed with a wide range of choice for portable and affordable devices that are suitable for use in education. While there may be multiple manufacturers and even more form factors to choose from, they all leverage the power of Windows 10. We’re going to take a look at one such device – the Linx 1010. Many will be familiar with its predecessor, the Linx 10, and with the Linx 1010, Linx have evolved their product and the thinking behind it.

#TheFeed – How good might our leadership be? By Merlin John

The following post features in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of #TheFeed, our online magazine bringing you the best stories from Microsoft Showcase Schools and #MIEExperts, thought leadership, and news from the Microsoft in Education team. This piece is written Merlin John – a widely respected journalist known for his expertise in education and ICT – and explores the vital role that leadership plays in enhancing children’s learning, and ways to transform your school to through the use of technology.


#TheFeed – MIEE Report: It starts with an iDEA, by Graeme Lawrie

Sevenoaks School takes a proactive approach in providing ancillary and educational activities for the benefit of the community. After 9 years of offering a STEM week of activities, free of charge, with audiences of up to 15,000 local school children and adults Sevenoaks were looking to broaden their outreach efforts. Enter MIE-Expert Graeme Lawrie…


#TheFeed – Empowering Teachers with OneNote at Microsoft School Acklam Grange, by Jon Tait

Some meetings seem to go on forever and then there’s even meetings about meetings! But have you ever stopped to think about the effectiveness of your meetings and if you’re getting the very best out of your staff in them? You only have to look around your next senior leadership or middle leaders meeting and count up the amount of bodies to do a rough estimate of how much money is being spent on wages for that specific meeting.


#TheFeedUK – HoloLens in Education

While technological advances won’t necessarily change fact or history, some can certainly change the ways in which many of these subjects and skills are taught. For certain areas of study, the introduction of particular innovations can complement the existing pedagogy, empowering students and teachers to approach topics or exercises from different angles, opening up broader possibilities in terms of accessibility, collaboration, and understanding…

#TheFeed: Simon de Senlis Primary School – A Year in Review

In the latest extract from the July 2016 issue of #TheFeed, we hand the mic over to Tom Rees – Head of Simon de Senlis Primary and a Director of the Northampton Primary Academy Trust – to talk about the Microsoft Showcase Schools programme and look back on the last two years to review the opportunities and impact that he has experienced through the programme.

From #TheFeed: “Choices” – by Student Ambassador Laura-Jane Ellard

How many times have you been to a family gathering and heard something along the lines of “Oh to be young again!” or “You don’t know how easy you have it!” OK, I admit that not paying rent or bills is nothing but a good thing, but I do think it is often underestimated just how much young people have to go through growing up in the 21st Century. There’s pressure to get good grades, perhaps go to university, get a good career, make friends and sometimes it can be extremely overwhelming.

Device Review: Acer Aspire One 11″ Cloudbook

The following post by #MIEExpert Kevin Sait was originally published in Issue 6 of #TheFeed as part of a monthly feature that explores a range of Windows 10 devices. If you’d like to know about other devices, be sure to get your free copy of #TheFeed every month. #TheFeed – Issue 6 – May 2016—Tim BushDocs.com…