Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) help schools take advantage of Microsoft IT Academy

Gerald Haigh, Microsoft’s freelance writer,  recently spent some time with Paul Hynes, Programme Lead for New Technology at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) to find out how SSAT’s work with their schools and the way they are helping schools to take advantage of IT Academy, following on from the recent post I wrote…


Another BETT Announcement – Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

This year’s BETT is generating plenty of new announcements from us, and here’s yet another one. On Tuesday we announced the availability details for Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, which will be available from March this year. In a nutshell, Windows MultiPoint Server allows you to plug multiple screens into a single machine and gives each…


Saving Money with ICT – Free eBook download

So the budget cuts have arrived – and the pressure is on to save money in schools. And ICT leaders in schools around the country are going to need to hone their skills to justify the investments they are bidding for. Since late 2009 I’ve been working to look at how ICT can help save…


The future of Microsoft licensing for schools

We’re in the final throws of organising BETT (the lorry is loaded, and the final can of orange paint is in!), but I thought I’d take a couple of minutes out of my day to correct a little bit of confusion that’s appeared in the press today – just in case you’re worried by it….


Saving money by saving power – an action plan

Last week I spoke to a group of schools about money saving strategies (based on this info), and I do plan to shortly record the whole presentation, so that I can share it. But when I got to the bit about making sure that you do something about desktop power savings, there were a few…


Cost saving with Microsoft System Center

I’ve just heard about another free event, on Friday 5th November, focused on cost saving with ICT. Although it isn’t specifically education focused, I think that there will be a lot of readers that would appreciate a whole day full of network management tools (oh, and a lot who could imagine nothing worse ). The…


An Education in ICT Efficiencies – a Dimension Data event on the 3rd November

Over the last few months, I’ve been focusing on cost savings with ICT – you’ll have seen many of the posts. But talking about saving money with ICT, and actually doing it, can be two different things. For example, knowing that you should be virtualising your servers to reduce cost is fine, but it would…


Reducing the school printing budget by two thirds

After last week’s post about saving money by printing less, I asked Gerald Haigh if he could have a chat with Ian Stuart at Islay High School, to get an update on their project, first reported in the Guardian a couple of years ago. They too were aiming to reduce their printing costs. Gerald picks…


Schools spend more money on printer paper than on ICT

How much does your school spend on reprographics – paper, toner, printers, photocopiers, and the staff to run them and keep them running? I’m sure that the average secondary school is spending more on reprographics than they do on their whole ICT budget. Mike Herrity, at Twynham School, found out his school used over a…


The best way to save schools money?

Identifying ways that you can contribute to budget savings in your school is important to me. Which is why I’ve written 35 separate ICT Money Saving articles on this blog. The definitive article, Top ICT Money Saving Tips, identifies a series of strategies to save a secondary school up to £350,000 over three years. To…