Embracing Cloud Learning at Guilsborough Academy

Office 365 provides a wealth of benefits to any school, college and university that wishes to enhance student learning experience. Guilsborough Academy has recently made the exciting switch from SharePoint on-premises to Office 365 SharePoint Online. Today, we’re looking at some of the incredible opportunities SharePoint Online has created for both staff and pupils at the school.

Partner Case Study: How Microsoft Power BI is helping Swalcliffe Park School safeguard students

Swalcliffe Park School caters for boys aged 11 to 19 who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum conditions, and also functions as a children’s home. All students have statements of special educational needs or education health care plans, with a large number of local authorities placing students in the school. The children’s homes and school have both been judged to be outstanding. The internet is a key resource for learning and plays an important part of the recreational activities of the students who live on-site, so it’s vitally important for the Safeguarding of the students that internet access and content barriers are suitably and adequately managed.

Partner Case Study: Automating Office 365 Groups at The Pingle School, with Ruler

The Pingle School is a Secondary School located in Derbyshire, UK. As well as serving the needs of its 1,000 students, the school wanted to continue to develop the rich feature set of Office 365 and were especially keen to utilise Office 365 Groups for their teachers to use as a resource centre for their classes. Having already identified that there were significant problems manually administering elements of these processes, the school were keen to explore the opportunity of integrating with their Management Information System, Capita SIMS.

BETT 2017 Guest Post: SalamanderSoft – “Getting on with teaching and learning in Office 365, with SalamanderSoft”

SalamanderSoft has a long history of integrating key IT systems with school data in highly flexible ways, and we are continuing this approach within Office 365, allowing the automation of these new features in Office 365. Their aim is that everyone can access the resources they need as soon as they need to start learning or teaching, whether that’s Microsoft Outlook, OneNote Class Notebooks, Microsoft Classroom, Microsoft SharePoint, or simply logging on to their devices.

BETT 2017 Guest Post: Skooler – Learning Management Tools

Skooler offers expertise in using Office365 in the classroom alongside teaching tools such as personalised learning plans, medium and long term planning, absence/attendance registration, assignments and tests to name a few. Parents are kept up to date via the Parental portal. All the tools are safely hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

BETT 2017 – The Microsoft Partner Campus

The Microsoft Partner Campus is an outward expression of the strong practical and creative two-way bond which exists between Microsoft and their partners, who are regarded as contributors to development as well as the ‘sharp end’ deliverers of solutions. This year we have 21 partners, offering a very convenient hub within which visitors can explore a range of digital solutions to common school-based problems.

Partnering in Education with Microsoft Azure [VIDEO]

As you will be aware, July 14th not only marks Bastille Day in France, but also signifies an end to support for Windows Server 2003.  Many of our customers in the UK and Worldwide have used this point in time as an opportunity to review how they deliver core infrastructure services like file & print,…