#TheFeed – Showcase School: Collaboration, Engagement, & Enhanced Teaching and Learning, by Paula Lowry

In the latest extract from #TheFeed, Paula Lowry – Headteacher of School at Saint Joseph’s Catholic and Church of England Primary, and also a #MIEExpert – discusses the progress her school has made with the advancements of technology, and how this has developed learning within the classroom. “Looking back on the journey that the schools have taken with technology in the last 18 months is unbelievable. Both Saint Joseph’s Primary and Nursery school and Bolsover Junior school are located in economically deprived areas in Derbyshire and our vision for technology grew from a desire to give the children in our schools the very best start, to prepare them for global learning and to raise aspirations…”

#TheFeed – Empowering Teachers with OneNote at Microsoft School Acklam Grange, by Jon Tait

Some meetings seem to go on forever and then there’s even meetings about meetings! But have you ever stopped to think about the effectiveness of your meetings and if you’re getting the very best out of your staff in them? You only have to look around your next senior leadership or middle leaders meeting and count up the amount of bodies to do a rough estimate of how much money is being spent on wages for that specific meeting.

#TheFeed – An introduction to Microsoft Training Academies, by Gerald Haigh

The Microsoft Training Academies (MTA) programme is an exciting extension of Microsoft’s commitment to education works by first identifying a group of schools demonstrating excellence in teaching and learning with technology, then supporting them as they share their expertise with schools that are climbing the learning curve. Five schools are offering a choice of six free Microsoft in the Classroom development days, consisting of interactive workshops devoted to Microsoft technologies, with particular reference to Windows 10, OneNote, Office 365 and its various and constantly evolving apps.

Don’t Miss your Opportunity to Become a Microsoft School

A Microsoft School has an association with Microsoft that may include products, services, solutions, purchasing, events, or aspiration. Some schools may have just started or signalled an intent to start a journey to whole school transformation for improving teaching and learning with Microsoft technology. Your school can automatically register to join the Microsoft School program.

Welcome to all our new UK MIEEs and Showcase Schools for 2016-2017!

Today, we’re thrilled to share Anthony Salcito’s announcement of all the educators, school leaders, and inspiring schools that have been selected for our Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Microsoft Showcase Schools programs for the 2016-2017 academic year. Recognising the educators from the around the world who are making an impact by pushing the boundaries of learning and creativity through technology, the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert programme now includes 4,800 educators from over 100 countries.