Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship: Join the Movement

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship (MOSWC) is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office, managed in the UK & Ireland by Prodigy Learning. In its 15th year, the 2016 MOS World Championship (MOSWC) attracted more than 700,000 unique candidates from 120 countries who took a MOS certification exam to  demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office products. To compete in the final round of the Championship, students must be enrolled in an approved, accredited Certiport Testing Centre and be 13 to 22 years of age (as of 15 June, 2017). To participate, students must first take and pass a qualifying MOS exam in Word, Excel or PowerPoint (2013 or 2016) during the Qualifying Round to be eligible for invitation to the UK & Ireland Final.

MOS UK Finals this Wednesday – second group of qualifiers announced

Proficiency in ICT is a skill-set that permeates into the way students work, elevating their ability and progress in many other subjects, and the importance of 21 century skills in the workplace and the emphasis placed on them by employers is increasingly apparent. Recently we shared the story of a student from Wales whose MOS…

What hidden gems are already lurking in your Office 365 Suite?

The following is a guest post from Gerald Haigh. Say ‘hidden gem’, and I think of a lonely beach in Scotland where I flew kites with my daughters many years ago, or that amazing Yorkshire pub where my late mother loved to go for lunch. So when my Microsoft Education friends talk of their ‘hidden…

The customisable ribbon in Excel (Office 2010)

This is a master stroke. Everyone uses Word, Excel, et al in their own way. Some barely touch the commands, but may dip in and out of the most advanced functions in the programs – the kind of things that wouldn’t make it in to the tabs, but are vital to the way you work….


Lesson plans: Calculating profits from selling virtual lemonade

You can introduce or augment technology skills with our lesson plans for teachers. They’re ready to use as they are, or you can customise them to fit your specific teaching and learning goals. In this lesson, students set up a virtual lemonade stand and decide how many cups of lemonade to prepare, which ingredients to…


Yes, it is possible to create nice looking spreadsheets

by Diego M. Oppenheimer For the last couple years I’ve been meaning to pull together some of the tips that I’ve learned working on the Excel team about how to make nice looking spreadsheets. Well, last week, Rob Collie (a previous Excel Program Manager, and now CTO at Pivotstream and author of beat me…


Some major historical events reimaged with Office 2010 – some Friday fun

Here’s some Friday fun for you. My colleague Rich Lane, Account Technology Strategist, came across these short films  (whilst actually searching for something else and shared it with the team.) I loved them so much, I wanted to share them with you.   The Wright Brothers   Houston and Apollo 13   Independence Day  …