OneNote Class Notebook updates include read-only parent or guardian access and Collaboration Space permissions

We are continuously impressed by the passion and creativity of teachers and students who are using our tools. A common theme we heard was how OneNote continues to save teachers time and enhance collaboration in the classroom. In our conversations, we learned that parents and guardians are also curious to learn more about OneNote to help engage with their students’ learning progress. To address the top requests we heard from teachers, administrators and parents/guardians, we’re pleased to announce the release of four new features in OneNote Class Notebook.

10 time saving, productivity boosting Office tips for staff and students

As educators continue to help young learners develop the necessary digital skills for the modern working world, more and more of the tools and practices that the students would eventually expect to utilise when they enter the workplace are featuring in the classroom. We’ve compiled a list of top tips for Office that will help your students, teachers and administrative staff save time, get the most out of the applications, and work more efficiently and productively together. These include simpler ways to share, co-authoring, the Tell Me feature, and more effective ways to use Skype and OneNote while you work.

#TheFeed – Showcase School: Collaboration, Engagement, & Enhanced Teaching and Learning, by Paula Lowry

In the latest extract from #TheFeed, Paula Lowry – Headteacher of School at Saint Joseph’s Catholic and Church of England Primary, and also a #MIEExpert – discusses the progress her school has made with the advancements of technology, and how this has developed learning within the classroom. “Looking back on the journey that the schools have taken with technology in the last 18 months is unbelievable. Both Saint Joseph’s Primary and Nursery school and Bolsover Junior school are located in economically deprived areas in Derbyshire and our vision for technology grew from a desire to give the children in our schools the very best start, to prepare them for global learning and to raise aspirations…”

Showcase Classroom FAQs – A quick solution to enhancing collaborative working

We have seen thousands of educators, colleges and universities come through the Showcase Classroom, each at a different stage in their journey of digital transformation, and in every session we are asked a range of questions about our technology and how it can make a real impact in the classroom. In our previous posts, we assessed how the teaching and learning process can be enhanced. There was insight into more engaging forms of assessment through the audio feedback feature of OneNote, as well as the potential for using Sway as a medium for presentations. Collaboration is always a central topic in our Showcase Classroom and this last month has been no exception!

#TheFeed – Empowering Teachers with OneNote at Microsoft School Acklam Grange, by Jon Tait

Some meetings seem to go on forever and then there’s even meetings about meetings! But have you ever stopped to think about the effectiveness of your meetings and if you’re getting the very best out of your staff in them? You only have to look around your next senior leadership or middle leaders meeting and count up the amount of bodies to do a rough estimate of how much money is being spent on wages for that specific meeting.

MEC Monday: Three Nations Skype-a-thon challenge

For this week’s MEC Monday blog post, we are of course going to take another look at the global #Skypeathon that starts tomorrow, and see some of the different ways you can get involved! Last year students and educators all over the world travelled millions of virtual miles together, as they connected via Skype to…

“Small steps to big impact” – Register now for Hack The Classroom, September 24th

Hack The Classroom is back! On Saturday 24th September educators from all over the world will come together to share ideas, experiences, insights and conversation, as the education community as a whole looks to drive further innovation in the classroom through the use of technology. The theme for this live event will be “small steps to big impact”, and joining host Anthony Salcito is a line-up of exciting industry speakers and trailblazing educators, featuring many hacks created by teachers from around the world.

Daily Edventures – #MIEExpert Lee Whitmarsh on OneNote collaboration for photography

This week on Anthony Salcito’s Daily Edventures blog is an interview with UK #MIEExpert Lee Whitmarsh. The pair caught up at the recent Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange, and here they discuss the collaborative power of OneNote, specifically within the context of artistic subjects. — For art educator and new Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (#MIEExpert) Lee Whitmarsh,…

Increasing collaboration and productivity through Unified Communications – Microsoft @ UC Expo 2016

One of the key pillars of Microsoft’s mission within education is to empower anytime anywhere learning for all. Our portfolio of different productivity tools, platforms, systems, teacher resources and more provide students and educators with the technology to enhance the way they deliver their curricula and engage with materials. Anytime anywhere learning might mean anything…

MIEE TV: Global Enterprise Challenge in the Classroom

For this week’s MIEE TV blog post, we are going to look at a theme we touched upon last week in our regular blog updates, and that is Project Based Learning. For those of you who follow @ukedchat on Twitter and regularly participate in the hour long live discussions (every Thursday at 8pm – #ukedchat),…