Saving money by saving power – an action plan

Last week I spoke to a group of schools about money saving strategies (based on this info), and I do plan to shortly record the whole presentation, so that I can share it. But when I got to the bit about making sure that you do something about desktop power savings, there were a few…


Building Clouds – how to make a data centre more energy efficient

We have a team, called Microsoft Global Foundation Services, who have the job of building clouds. Or at least, building ‘the Cloud’ – they design, build, run and support our global data centres which are at the hub of all of our cloud services. In Europe, we have one in Ireland and one in Holland….


The TES goes all ICT today – and drives the cost saving agenda

It’s not often that the TES reports on ICT – apart from a couple of pages tucked away towards the back of the magazine. But today they’ve splashed articles about ICT on the front page of the main newspaper and on the front page of the magazine. Unfortunately, in keeping with ‘good news is no…


Saving money by effective power management

One of the hidden costs of ICT in schools is the power usage of the equipment you’ve got around your school. I call it hidden because it is often not visible to the IT team, and the full energy costs of all of your servers and computers are simply part of the school’s overall electric…


School carbon emissions targets – Things I Learned This Week #6

1. Schools create 2% of UK greenhouse gases, and have a target of a 53% cut in energy emissions by 2020 According to the government’s carbon management strategy for schools, "Climate change and schools" on Teachernet, the government target for schools is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% below 1990 levels by 2020 -…


Project Genie – pupils thinking about climate change and reducing school energy bills

We’re supporting the team running “Project Genie”, which is all about making climate change meaningful to pupils in primary schools. In the pilot programme, the schools that took part saw energy use savings of up to 40% – which is pretty significant when you consider that most schools spend more on energy than they do…


Saving power on the go

In the Top ICT Money Saving Tips, the second one was all around using the power saving functions of Windows, to knock £10,000 a year off your electricity bill. With perfect timing, the Windows team, over at, have released a new video on “saving power on the go”, which is all about using the…


Virtually saving money

Virtualisation again. Just to remind you if you’re still not up with it, virtualisation is shorthand for replacing your bank of network servers with just a few, more powerful ones, each housing a number of virtual servers. And why has it suddenly become a talking point? Because although the principle’s been around for a while,…


Upgrading and virtualising to save money

The Microsoft worldwide case studies site always throws up some interesting things to read. But a couple of weeks ago I noticed that a new case study of a UK school had been published by our services team, in partnership with Dell. It’s from Lodge Park Technology College, in Northants, and tells the story of…