Bing adds hundreds of new venue maps

Whether you live in Poland or Spain, Russia or Belgium, or pretty much anywhere in-between, you will now be able to explore your local shopping mall through Bing maps – helping you locate the stores you are looking for, find the closest services and facilities like restrooms and cash machines, and even browse their directories….


Using Bing search in the classroom

Instant answers and peace of mind, too. Students stop learning when they get frustrated or stuck. Bing can help students move forward on a lesson or their homework when you can’t be there to help. Get your formula for success Find a square root quickly. Capture the correct spelling, definition or pronunciation of a word….

Immerse your students in a subject with Bing

It’s amazing what you can find on a Bing map. Discover interactive, 3-D Photosynth® technology and encourage students toexplore historic or curious places as if they’re standing right there. 1) Take a virtual field trip Other online maps show you the roof of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. With a Photosynth found on…


A fast way to freshen your lessons with Bing

Today’s students are raised on multimedia. They absorb information fast when it is visually presented. Bing helps teachers search for engaging content that can improve student learning. The best comes first Bing presents the richest, most useful result to your search query, front and centre. Bing summarises the site and offers time-saving links that let…


The top 3 reasons to use Bing in your school

Bing is more than a search engine. It’s a decision engine that helps teachers and students find what they need fast in a visual and organised way. Bing can save time by making lesson preparation easier. Dynamic features such as Related Searches and Microsoft® Photosynth® technology can increase student engagement in fun and immersive ways….


Using technology from today to explore the past

I’m sure that you’ll have seen Deep Zoom technology in use – either in demonstrations or on websites. It underpins many other applications such as Bing Maps, PhotoSynth and Image Composite Editor. Several schools such as Shireland have used Deep Zoom to organise and present learning resources, whilst others see it as a useful tool…