#TheFeed – Special Report: The Fosse Way Document, by Gerald Haigh

Fosse Way School, a special school for 209 pupils, a majority on the autistic spectrum, in Radstock, near the City of Bath has just had a complete update of the way technology is used for learning. In preparation for the change, Justin Philcox and Graeme Athey, respectively Principal and Assistant Principal of the school, engaged in a fundamental re-think of the place of technology in education in general, in special education in particular and, most immediately, in the context of their school’s needs and future plans.

#TheFeed – Microsoft’s OneNote Digital Notebook Combating Dyslexia

#TheFeed is back for the March/April 2017 edition, and focusses on Accessibility. This extract is from the Microsoft in Education team, and looks at the latest updates and additions to the Learning Tools add-in for OneNote, all within the context of a recent BDA study conducted with a Surrey school to see how experiences outcomes can be improved for SEND learners through the introduction of appropriate technology.

Accessibility in Office 365 for education

The Microsoft Accessibility team  run a wide range of initiatives, including a global network of Accessibility centres, an online Accessbility tutorial programme for Windows, Office and Office 365, which includes Office 365 for education. They also publish a comprehensive range of general guides for specific types of impairments: Vision Impairments Dexterity and Mobility Impairments Hearing…


Windows 7 and Vista Explained – A guide for blind and partially sighted users from the RNIB

The RNIB have announced that their Windows 7 and Vista Explained books for blind and partially sighted users are now available to pre-order, and will be shipped by the end of May. It’s a step-by-step guide to Windows 7 and Vista from a non-visual perspective,and is specifically written to empower blind and partially sighted computer…


Accessibility guide for teachers

We’ve just issued the third edition of our accessibility guide for teachers, and it’s available as a download from our accessibility site. The site also includes a number of accessibility video case studies. The Accessibility: A Guide for Educators has been updated to include information on Windows 7 accessibility features, and current assistive technology product…


Typing in Arabic on a Qwerty keyboard – a simple free download

In my local library I often pass by the computer section, where people are sitting typing away into Hotmail in languages I don’t understand (I live in rural Oxfordshire, so much of the time I think it’s eastern European languages). And I guess they’ve become fluent in finding the key combinations to create the accents,…


Make reading easier for learners with visual impairments

A while ago Mark wrote on this blog about the work that Microsoft were doing to develop a DAISY XML translator. The DAISY Consortium was set up to help those with visual impairment (or ‘print disabilities’) to access digital content easily, and enhance their use of the materials. We’ve been working with DAISY to develop…


Accessible Technology – A guide for teachers

We have recently published a worldwide guide which provides information about accessibility and accessible technology resources, to help teachers ensure that all students have equal access to learning with technology. For teachers new to accessibility and working with students with disabilities, accessibility can seem overwhelming. To help teach students with all types of abilities, this…


Accessibility – Fourth Day of Christmas

Continuing the 12 gifts theme, I wanted to share some useful information and resources for accessibility. I read in PC Pro that Microsoft is one of the founding members of the Accessibility Interoperability Alliance (AIA), which also includes Adobe, Oracle, HP and Novell in its membership. One of the aims is to create a development…