#TheFeed - How good might our leadership be? By Merlin John

The following post features in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of #TheFeed, our online magazine bringing you the best stories from Microsoft Showcase Schools and #MIEExperts, thought leadership, and news from the Microsoft in Education team. This piece is written Merlin John – a widely respected journalist known for his expertise in education and ICT – and explores the vital role that leadership plays in enhancing children’s learning, and ways to transform your school to through the use of technology.


Shireland Collegiate Academy uses online learning tools to support education

Shireland Collegiate Academy in Smethwick is taking advantage of the opportunities provided by e-learning to improve the education of its pupils. Lord Jim Knight went to see the facility alongside Doug Brown, director of global advisory organisation Step A International, in order to find out the ways it has used technology to support learning. Shireland…


Road Trip Part 2 – Shireland Academy

After spending last Thursday morning at Great Barr School, our merry band hopped into a minibus straight over to Shireland Collegiate Academy, on the other side of northern Birmingham, in Smethwick. I’ve written about Shireland before on this blog, and their development of a Learning Gateway which is used not just within the Academy, but…


Innovative Schools – the “trailer” video

Yesterday, I wrote about the Innovative Schools videos – four schools, two hours of video, 187 pages of supporting documentation and hundreds of ideas. The question from day one of the project was “How do we make this digestible?”. You know the situation – somebody has a great series of videos, so they pop it…


Innovative Schools – what do they do differently?

Last week, we announced the availability of the Innovative Schools video case studies. Although they were on the web earlier in the year, we weren’t ready to tell everybody about them until we’d completed all of the work on the website. But now, that’s been done, so I can tell you all about what’s there……


BETT 2008 Presentation downloads

If you missed BETT 2008, or you made it to BETT and want to use some of the presentation materials you saw, then you can now download all of the presentations we gave on the stand during the week. Most of the presentations were given by our customers, telling their stories about how they have…


New Microsoft Learning Gateway Brochure

We released a new brochure at BETT 2008, which is an introduction to the Microsoft Learning Gateway for schools. It provides an overview of the way that the Learning Gateway can help to support you with the challenges that teachers and leaders face in schools. In sections, it illustrates how the Learning Gateway can help…


The Shireland Learning Gateway

At the BETT show the Schools Minister, Jim Knight, opened the exhibition by laying out the DCSF policy initiatives for the future. One of the foci was on the government target for secondary schools to provide access to real-time reporting information, such as attendance and assessment information, for parents & carers by September 2010. 2010…


Last week at BETT 2008

Last week I was very quiet on the blog – mainly because it was BETT week, when 29,000 of the UK’s most enthusiastic educational ICT people gather at Olympia for a few days. Most visitors only come for a day, but those manning stands are there for the whole week, including Saturday. Perhaps next year,…


Recent Education case studies

I was reading in the paper this week that the Government are considering mandating that all schools make pupil’s timetables, assessment results and attendance information available to parents and carers online. Now, I know that some schools are doing that, but it’s certainly not the majority, and there is a long way to go before that becomes…