Continuing the Serco ‘’Progresso’’ Management Information System development with Microsoft

Gerald Haigh, independent writer to Microsoft , has written a couple of blog posts in the past  for us on Serco’s “Progresso” Management Information system including a Pioneering Days and Learning Progress blog. Here, Gerald came back to us on how this is continuing to develop and is now currently being installed in a group…


Software Licensing Training Course at Stockton Sixth Form College, 5th August 2011

Do you want to know more about EES (Enrolment for Education Solutions)? Do you need to know more about Microsoft licensing, including: Client/Server Licensing What’s a CAL Core CAL Suite Enterprise CAL Suite Device CAL & User CAL Processor Licensing (inc Multi-Core) External Connectors/Internet Licences Terminal Services/RDS Work @ Home / Home Use Programme Student…


Microsoft and the Cloud – what it means for education

There’s recently been a lot of discussion within education about different models of ICT services. Individual schools tend to use a mix of services provided on-premise (or on-site as we used to call it) and cloud-based services (what we’d call Internet-based, or web-based, in the good old days). And newer models, such as the managed…


Saving money by doing IT differently?

I’ve just finished reading a story in Computing about the Co-op saving money on IT, when they cut their Microsoft licensing bills by at least £1.5 million, by changing the way that they implemented technology. Having written so much about cost-saving recently (including the “Stop buying so much software” post) it grabbed me straight away….


Windows Azure in four minutes

This blog post is definitely for the techies amongst you! Things are changing very rapidly in the way that ICT services can be delivered and used in schools. Although most of these developments aren’t specific to education, they are addressing needs of schools. One of the developments is the Windows Azure system, which is designed…


Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips – 8 – Stop buying so much software

Part eight of the series of Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips for schools, based on my BETT 2010 presentation Yes, the one you thought you’d never see from me in this list of Top 10 ICT Money Saving tips! But here it is… Did you know that you can buy a subscription called the…


Microsoft SQL Server Data Management Conference – Sept 29 in London

This is probably something for local authorities, who’re running big datacentres, but there are likely to be readers of this blog that are either in that role, or are running big datacentres in their school. And given the size of some of the transactional databases in schools today, this might apply to you… I’ve just…


Improving Information – and controlling it – Capita’s One Conference

Yesterday, Jason Burton and I went along to the Capita One conference in Leicestershire to talk about “Business Intelligence” and “Information Rights Management”. In real English, that means "how do we turn this mass of data into real information” and “how do we keep some control over how people distribute it”. The audience was a…


Windows Server 2008 – Launch Invitation

The launch team have just released the link to be able to sign up for the Windows Server 2008 launch event (actually, it’s also the Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 launch too). This is going to be held on the 19th March, at the ICC in Birmingham. The event is going to feature…