GUEST BLOG: Thoughts on Learning Tools for OneNote – by Gerald Haigh

For a large chunk of my teaching career, I worked with children who were labelled as having ‘special needs’, mainly in mainstream schools, but also briefly in a special school for children with profound learning difficulties. I learned so much from this work. I could see, for example, that it may make some sense, in practical organisational terms, to categorise children under catch-all headings such as ‘less able’, ‘learning difficulties’ — there’s a long list.

Windows 7 and Vista Explained – A guide for blind and partially sighted users from the RNIB

The RNIB have announced that their Windows 7 and Vista Explained books for blind and partially sighted users are now available to pre-order, and will be shipped by the end of May. It’s a step-by-step guide to Windows 7 and Vista from a non-visual perspective,and is specifically written to empower blind and partially sighted computer…


Make reading easier for learners with visual impairments

A while ago Mark wrote on this blog about the work that Microsoft were doing to develop a DAISY XML translator. The DAISY Consortium was set up to help those with visual impairment (or ‘print disabilities’) to access digital content easily, and enhance their use of the materials. We’ve been working with DAISY to develop…