SIMS Annual Conference 2007 – Presentations

On Tuesday 19th June, I was invited to present the keynote to the SIMS Annual Conference, with the title of “Transformed Learning and Pathways for Change”. Well, it was a bit of a rush to cover such a BIG subject in 40 minutes, but I obviously managed some of the brief, because a number of…


Shift Happens/Did You Know?

Over the last few months, a PowerPoint presentation has been doing the rounds, which has a strong message for educational audiences. It works as an opener for conferences or events where the future of education and learning is under discussion, or where you want to provoke a discussion about learning. Karl Fisch, of Arapahoe High…


Last Friday’s BSF Conference

If you were at the BSF Conference on Friday, firstly well done for making it through the floods! With the Midlands seemingly under masses of water, it became a challenge for some delegates (and speakers!) to get there. Fortunately, all the speakers and most of the delegates made it and we had a great day. Whether…


SharePoint Applications Showcase

My colleague, Sarah Barnard, is running a SharePoint day on 25th June which will give you an opportunity to find out how you can help to integrate your different IT systems with SharePoint – bringing together your data from your MIS, VLE and e-portfolio etc onto a single webpage so that your students, teachers and…


The Free Microsoft TechNet Management Summits – June & July

I’ve just learnt that we’ve scheduled some more of these free events – the Microsoft Management Summit – which are aimed at senior IT managers in the UK Called “Are you in control? How to manage and secure your infrastructure”, they are free single day events in Manchester, Glasgow and London. It isn’t specifically aimed at the education community, but…


SharePoint 2007 – want to really know what it can do for you?

My colleague, Phil Allen, who’s our resident educational-techie, has provided me with a document of links to really good SharePoint resources. Bless him, he wants to help you all find good stuff, but 7 pages of document, with each page containing long link lists! Phew, I think it might take a while working through that….



Phil Allen’s Link-Tastic list of SharePoint Links for Education  Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 Resources for Education Partners Evaluator Guides and White Papers   Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Product Guide Office Compliance features Whitepaper Office Business Intelligence Product Guide Excel Services White Paper Office Infopath Forms Product Guide Microsoft Enterprise Content Management White Paper Windows…


Windows Vista this summer?

A number of schools have started deploying Windows Vista, some for pilots or evaluation, and some right across the school (eg Long Eaton). And so, I wondered whether you would need any additional information or help..and at the same time my colleague Phil Allen was writing the first part of a series (so he tells…


Windows Vista Deployment – Part 1 – The Decision

Windows Vista this Summer? With most new PCs and laptops shipping Windows Vista and a rapid uptake of the operating system in a variety of organisations, many schools will be asking themselves whether they should go ahead and deploy new kit this summer with Windows Vista on it.  The question might move to whether they…


No more school

Projects are like this all the time – you set out to create one thing, and end up creating something completely different. But in the case of the Government’s “Building Schools for the Future” programme, you would think that the name of the programme says it all…that it’s all about “Building Schools”. But of course…