Students tackle ‘rock concert’ challenge in Minecraft: Education Edition during MOS Four Nations Finals

Learn more about the MOS Four Nations Championship

A few weeks ago Microsoft's UK Headquarters in Reading hosted the UK finals of the MOS Four Nations Championship to determine who would be heading to California to compete in the MOS World Championships finals taking place this week - keep an eye on @certmatters and #MOSWC for updates!

As well as competing for a place in the World Championship finals, the UK and Ireland finalists took part in an additional collaborative challenge when they visited the Microsoft campus in June.

Teachers all over the world are increasingly using Minecraft: Education Edition to challenge their students in new ways, creating projects and schemes of work that cover a huge range of classroom subjects and real-life scenarios. It is an incredibly powerful teaching and learning tool, providing an environment that unlocks creativity, fosters computational thinking and innovation, encourages collaboration, all the while engaging the students.

The National Finalists worked as a National Team on a music-themed project to collaboratively demonstrate their digital skills using Minecraft: Education Edition and Microsoft Office in a fun and exciting way. See the students in action and hear from Games-Based Learning expert Stephen Reid in the video below:

If you are wanting to get started with Minecraft: Education Edition at your school, here's what you should do next:

Download Minecraft: Education Edition and play the free trial by starting here:

Earlier this year also saw the announcement of Code Builder beta for Minecraft: Education Edition and a free one year subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition with new device purchases.

Learn more about the MOS Four Nations Championship

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