Getting Started with Microsoft Teams – Guides for IT Admins, Teachers and School Leaders

Earlier this month at the live event in NYC, the global education community got a closer look at the collaborative learning experiences that educators and learners can enjoy through Microsoft Teams.

As a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place, Microsoft Teams allows educators to create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learnings communities, and communicate with school staff all from a single experience in Office 365 for Education. Teams is generally available to educators with Office 365 for Education today and we’re introducing new experiences designed for teachers, students, and staff.

We're pleased to share news that following the Learn What's Next live #MicrosoftEdu event earlier this month, there are now three Getting started guides for Microsoft Teams, specifically for educators, IT admins, or school leaders that can be found on the Microsoft Educator Community:

For educators:

Learn all about Teams and how to get started using it today with your students and colleagues. Understand how Teams works, introduce it to your peers, learn to customise Teams for your unique classroom needs, and learn how to move your content into Teams to streamline communication in your classroom.
[Download Guide for Educators]

For IT admins:

This guide is designed to help you launch and make the most of Microsoft Teams. As an Office 365 Admin of Microsoft Teams, you play a critical role in the successful deployment, adoption and ongoing usage of Microsoft Teams across your institution.
[Download Guide for IT Admins]

For school leaders:

With Office 365 for Education, now with Microsoft Teams, you can now redefine what a classroom means for your teachers and students by bringing in resources from around the world, providing them anytime, anywhere access to learning and giving them the skills they will need for their future.
[Download Guide for School Leaders]


The new classroom experiences in Teams will help teachers manage their daily workflow more easily than ever before. Using Teams, they can:

  • Quickly and efficiently create classes with automatically populated student rosters from their school information system
  • Share files and teaching materials
  • Make announcements
  • Divide the class into project groups and monitor progress
  • Create, distribute and grade quizzes; deliver personalized learning with OneNote Class Notebooks
  • Distribute, collect and grade assignments.

And because Teams is a digital hub, students can work together anytime, anywhere, and on any device; teachers can connect with their peers and continue their own development in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs); and school administrators can communicate and collaborate with their entire staff.

The Microsoft Educator Community is home to a number of courses, resources, lesson plans, and a vast array of teacher CPD materials. Get started today at!

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