Hack The Classroom contest: Hacking Lessons with Sway

Sway logoHave your creative use of Sway featured on Sway.com!

During our September 24th Hack the Classroom event, we showcased Sway as a fun and easy tool for sharing content. To carry the momentum forward, we are running a competition to see who can develop the best lesson that includes the use of Sway as a creative method for delivering content to students. The winners will be announced live on June 27 during our live Hack the Classroom online event.

Visit the Microsoft Educator Community for further information

The winners  of the competition will:

  • Be featured on the Microsoft Educator Community
  • Have their Sway featured on the "My Sways" page on Sway.com

 How to participate

  • Create and publish your lesson plan on the Microsoft Educator Community
  • Be sure to embed your Sway (or Sways if you have more than one) using the section titled "Upload Sway and Embed"
  • Add details and supporting resources to your lesson so that any teacher could pick your lesson up and teach it in their own class. Be sure to mark the age range of your lesson as we will be selecting winners from three categories: Pre K - 7, 8 - 13 and 14 and up. Use the rubric provided to ensure that your lesson has the greatest chance of being selected as a winner.
  • Do NOT include any images of students faces, or any names of your students in your lesson.
  • Once your lesson has published, share the URL to your lesson on Twitter or as a public Facebook post and ensure that you:
    • Tag @MicrosoftEdu
    • Use the hashtag #MicrosoftEDU
    • Use the hashtag #Contest

Further information about entry, the competition rules and the judging criteria can be found on the Microsoft Educator Community.


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