Office in Education – Live Webinar April 4th

Microsoft are hosting a webinar series designed to inform you about Office 365 in Education. The series is running every month until June, with a new guest speaker each time. All are encouraged to sign up to participate in our new series and learn a thing or two about getting the most from Office 365 in the classroom! The next live session is Tuesday 4th April at 4:30pm – continue for registration details…

Showcase Classroom FAQs – How do I analyse how students are reacting to my revision material?

As a free plug-in for PowerPoint (which can be enabled with the click of a button), Office Mix can be used to create interactive presentations, including both audio and live annotations, as well as analyse user activity. With revision materials embedded into their presentations, educators can track and asses uptake with their students, and understand how students are making use of the resources.

#TheFeed – Special Report: The Fosse Way Document, by Gerald Haigh

Fosse Way School, a special school for 209 pupils, a majority on the autistic spectrum, in Radstock, near the City of Bath has just had a complete update of the way technology is used for learning. In preparation for the change, Justin Philcox and Graeme Athey, respectively Principal and Assistant Principal of the school, engaged in a fundamental re-think of the place of technology in education in general, in special education in particular and, most immediately, in the context of their school’s needs and future plans.

“Microsoft Education on Tour’’ regional events at Microsoft Training Academies – NEW DATES ADDED!

We are pleased to confirm the dates for Microsoft in the Classroom events for this remainder of this academic year. Hosted by Microsoft Training Academies, these free events offer an exploration into how teaching and learning can be transformed through technology and a 21st Century Curriculum. A delightful day (or half day) that will leave you Inspired to use Microsoft technology in a whole new way!

#TheFeed – Community Dementia Art Sway Project: #MIEE Report by Lee Whitmarsh

We are very excited to share how we are developing a community dementia art Sway project.  Alsager School students working in collaboration with Alsager Partnership are running several art workshops that will lead to a personalised interactive Sway Life Story for people with dementia and their families and carers. The starting point was the wish to create an innovative and collaborative community art project that raises awareness of dementia and positively impacts the lives of people living with dementia in the local community.

TES Education Hub – “Why every school needs better business process management – and how to get it” – by Stephen Crouch

A “business process” is management-speak for a series of tasks which have an element of complexity. Hiring teachers, curriculum planning or budgeting are examples of business processes common to all schools and they happen every year. Other examples are specific to school type – so academy conversion is a business process, and so is billing and fee collection for independent or state boarding schools. In every case, applications that manage data are the key to success.

Partner Post: ‘OneNote Learning Tools: Explained’ – by Hable

Blindingly simple to understand and use but amazingly powerful in its functionality, Learning Tools is a free extension or add-in to Word, OneNote, Word online and OneNote online. For educators and institutions it’s a great resource and a more than capable replacement for other paid-for tools out there. Learning Tools is built into the View menu of both OneNote and Word online and can be downloaded from Microsoft as an add-in to the Windows desktop versions.

#TheFeed – Microsoft’s OneNote Digital Notebook Combating Dyslexia

#TheFeed is back for the March/April 2017 edition, and focusses on Accessibility. This extract is from the Microsoft in Education team, and looks at the latest updates and additions to the Learning Tools add-in for OneNote, all within the context of a recent BDA study conducted with a Surrey school to see how experiences outcomes can be improved for SEND learners through the introduction of appropriate technology.

TES Education Hub – Why every headteacher needs a good head for figures, By Stephen Crouch

All schools must balance the books. As a modern school leader, you can’t simply be a headteacher, leading a group of professionals in their practice; you must also be a chief executive. As recent financial crises remind us, a chief executive who doesn’t understand how their organisation’s finances work can put not only their own reputation, but the future of their whole organisation in jeopardy.