Computer Science in the Classroom – Get Coding with BBC micro:bit through Twilight Sessions

The following post is written by Microsoft Teacher Ambassador Natalie Burgess. If you'd like to join a BBC micro:bit Twilight Session near Renfrewshire, please follow the registration link at the bottom of this post.

Tuesday 7th February marked the beginning of three Twilight Sessions for teachers across Renfrewshire and Central Scotland to gain confidence and skills when teaching Code in the classroom, using the BBC micro:bit. This event was put together in collaboration between Microsoft, West College Scotland, Paisley YMCA and Renfrewshire Council. Every teacher was gifted a micro:bit from Microsoft, attachments from West College Scotland and funding from the Digital Xtra Fund.

It was amazing to see a wide range of teachers from Primary and Secondary schools and with a wide range of confidence and skills. A few teachers whispered to me at the beginning that they were really nervous and they had never tried coding or used the micro:bit before! It was incredible to see them being able to simply add their name to the BBC micro:bit to moving on to playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, all by using the Block Editor Code themselves.

This is exactly why I love working with teachers on new technology, seeing them grow, learn and be proud of themselves for achieving something they didn’t think they could. Now, if that is the teachers, think of the classroom learning! 🙂

The session ended with fun and laughter with a Kahoot! Quiz and the winner being gifted with another BBC micro:bit! We also enabled the teachers with further support before the next session by signing up to our Microsoft Educator Community where they were given points and a coding badge for attending the first session!

I am really excited for the next two sessions with the teachers and seeing the difference this makes to their teaching and learning.

Attend a session!

Get Coding with BBC micro:bit- Computer Science in the Classroom

Join Microsoft, Paisley YMCA and West College Scotland together for two more twilight sessions. Over the course of the Sessions you will learn how to code using Touch Develop and the BBC micro:bit and will be able to end the course with the skills and resources needed to teach coding and computer science in your school using a micro:bit.

The BBC micro:bit is for primary, college and extra-curricular as well as secondary. The simplicity and versatility of the device makes it an easy, fun starting point for early years digital engagement but it can also be a powerful tool for experienced coders, designers, artists, scientists and engineers.

Each session will involve hands on practical workshops using the micro:bit that you can replicate in the classroom. You will be able to discuss and collaborate ideas together within the sessions and also in between, using Yammer on GLOW. At the end of the session you will have gained more confidence in teaching Computer Science in your classroom using BBC Micro:Bit. You will also be given one to take with you to use in the classroom.

Remaining sessions:
7th March 2017, 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
2nd May 2017, 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Register here

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