New features for Educators in Microsoft Forms!

Teachers use Microsoft Forms to create surveys, registrations, or quizzes. They can quickly create a form or quiz in just a few minutes, send to students to fill out on  any device, and see the results in real time. Listening to millions of users’ voices, and leveraging latest Microsoft technology, we improved Microsoft Forms to be more collaborative and productive, by adding the following top-requested capabilities:

  • Collaboration: Forms sharing will enable form authors to share forms as templates, or invite others to be the co-owners (i.e. co-teachers) so that they can work on one form together collaboratively and each get results.


  • Grading: New quiz grader will help teachers ease what is often their most time-consuming work: grading or marking. Grading workflow will enable teachers to easily grade the result, give comments, and post scores to students whenever they are ready to do so. Teachers will get the time back to enjoy more interesting work like engaging their students in learning.


  • Math: Form math equation support and intelligence on answer suggestions are the new innovations that benefit math teachers. Easily input the equation and compose a quiz, which is no other competitors offer today.
  • Intelligence: Form’s smart suggestions for multiple choice questions will make authoring forms full of delight, rather than angst, and change designing a question from a few minutes to one click.


To learn more about Microsoft Forms and to create your own quizzes and surveys right now, visit

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  1. Katheryn tester says:

    Yesssss! thanks for listening to feedback and improving this product. So many more possibilities 🙂

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