BETT 2017 Guest Post: Acer – “Exploration through technology is a right, not a privilege”

The next post in our Microsoft Partner guest blog series for BETT 2017 comes from Acer. With 40 years of experience, Acer is well suited to meeting the needs of modern educational institutions, to enable teachers and students to create new ways of interacting by providing reliable and easy-to-use solutions they can trust. Find Acer at BETT 2017 on stand B109.

Exploration through technology is a right, not a privilege

What technology companies needs to do to address education needs in primary, secondary and university education

By Preben Fjeld – Acer UK Country Manager

I am sure we would all agree that the priority of education is to help students to become independent and creative thinkers by providing them with the resources they need to succeed on the journey. From this perspective and in the digital age we now live in, technology serves as an enabler to this: a tool that helps to open up new possibilities and create engaging learning opportunities for students of any age.

With over 40 years of experience in developing innovative and easy- to-use devices, Acer is well suited to meeting the needs of modern educational institutions. We believe that the most valuable part of computing lies in its power to spread knowledge, and we see it as our responsibility to provide today’s generation with the instruments required to develop the 21st century skills need to succeed in the information age.

In primary schools learning has to be fun. Products for early learners have to bridge the gap between what children enjoy and what they need to learn in school. In fact, developing the skills to use tablets and 2-in-1 solutions, can be used both in the classroom and beyond, motivating and encouraging formal and informal learning. Products need to combine ease of use, have long battery life and importantly, the sturdiness needed for intense use on a daily base.


Easy to pick up and use both in and out of the classroom, devices for secondary school need to be dependable learning companions, designed to help students learn in a more interactive and creative way. They keep students connected to the school network, enabling them to collaborate and share ideas and projects. The devices need to allow students to accomplish complex school assignments and to enjoy their favourite pastimes so that they can enjoy using them when at work, or at play.

University students need their notebooks for more than basic activities. In fact, they may have more complex tasks to handle like animations, mathematic modelling, econometric simulations, graphic design, or video editing. Versatile and easy to carry around, notebooks for this market need to provide the power, productivity and multi-tasking ability students need to work and enjoy spare time.

But it’s about far more than the products - because 21st classrooms require more than just a set of devices. It’s imperative all education providers offer an end-to-end adaptive learning experience comprising not just of easy to use, reliable and affordable products but also education- oriented software solutions and exceptional after-sales service. Companies need to integrate their hardware portfolio with software and service, creating a unique solution that its partners can deliver to the market.

At Acer we are proud to say we deliver on all of this. We strongly believe exploration through technology is a right, not a privilege. That is why we make affordable products that are reliable and robust, resulting in low cost of ownership.

Our end-to-end adaptive solutions address all needs of the education market, including devices and products designed for internet of things, coding and gamification, education-centred software solutions and after-sales service. Our award-winning customer service and support is instrumental in helping teachers, students, schools and education institutions to prevent technical issues from disrupting the learning process.

Along with our ecosystem of partners, we invest in the future of education to provide a better tomorrow for the next generation.

At Acer, we believe the most valuable part of computing lies in its power to spread knowledge, and we see it as our responsibility to provide todays generation with the instruments they need to succeed in tomorrows world. Join us at stand B109 to learn more!

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