BETT 2017 Guest Post: Skooler – Learning Management Tools

BETT 2017 will see the return of Skooler and we invite you along to our stand in the Microsoft Partner Campus (C300).

Skooler offers expertise in using Office365 in the classroom alongside teaching tools such as personalised learning plans, medium and long term planning, absence/attendance registration, assignments and tests to name a few. Parents are kept up to date via the Parental portal. All the tools are safely hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Skooler BETT 2017

Skooler Learning Management Tools

Making Office 365 relevant for education

Skooler is a Norwegian company that focuses 100% on ICT in Education. Our Head Office is in Norway and we have an office in London. We work with a number of Partners across the Nordic region and in the UK.  Our product, Skooler offers a collection of Learning tools, built inside Microsoft Office 365. We are not a stand-alone Learning Management System (LMS) but a collection of Learning Management Tools (LMT) that Schools will use alongside the Office365 solution provided by Microsoft. According to Microsoft this makes our offering unique compared to other solutions that are available.

Our aim is to simplify the use of Office 365 in and outside of the classroom, providing tools to assist with Planning, Communication & Collaboration, assessment and learning.


  • Provides a simple interface for Teachers.
  • Increases students’ digital competence.
  • Saves time for school leaders and administrators.
  • Is simple to operate, with less training needed for ICT support staff.
  • Improves communication and information-sharing between the school and the home.
  • Supports 21st Century skills.

Easy way to create assignments
With our assignment tool, you can create assignments containing links, video, pictures, documents and text. Students store their work in their OneDrive cloud storage area, and the assignment is visible to teachers, students and parents/guardians.

Keep track
Create robust yearly timetables, topic plans and lesson plans linked to the school calendar and curriculum learning objectives. Assignments, tests and other activities can be found in a calendar, which is accessible on all platforms and devices.

Don’t miss a thing!
Communication lies at the heart of the entire platform. You can communicate with groups and individuals, whether they are teachers, students or parents/guardians. All communication is channelled through the portal.

The joy of sharing
The solution is a sharing platform. Its success rests on the opportunities it provides to bring together a wide variety of teaching resources, such as links documents and third-party solutions, in a central repository. Everything can be brought together – and everything can be shared!

The days of standalone, bespoke learning platforms have gone. We believe using the Microsoft Office 365 tools teachers and students are familiar with, adding education specific functionality to manage student progress and wrapping it in an intuitive interface will make life easier for teachers and learners.” - Antony Moore, Country Manager, Skooler UK

So, why are schools choosing to work with Skooler in 2017?

“South Norwood are adopting Office365 as their new cloud productivity platform and see Skooler as an important partner in supporting that journey and transformation” – Stephen Schwartz, Head Teacher at South Norwood Academy.

We would love to help you get started. Come along to P7 in the Microsoft Partner Village (C300) to see how we can help you on your Office365 journey.

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