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showcase-classroom-cropped-logoWe have seen thousands of educators, colleges and universities come through the Showcase Classroom, each at a different stage in their journey of digital transformation, and in every session we are asked a range of questions about our technology and how it can make a real impact in the classroom. These questions and discussions will form the basis of our Showcase Classroom blog series, where we will be sharing the insights, experiences, tips & tricks and more, from those who pass through the Showcase Classroom. We hope you find them useful!

What is the Showcase Classroom?

The Showcase Classroom is an experiential space used to bring life to what Microsoft offers in education, allowing you to experience the tools Microsoft has on offer, to enhance teaching and learning. The facility aims to teach, inspire and empower every educator on their journey of digital transformation. All sessions are led by technology experts with extensive backgrounds in education, meaning there is always flexibility for consultancy and break out discussions.


The Showcase Classroom thrives on the questions and challenges that you face in education, there is keen interest in offering solutions. During sessions, we encourage all attendees to share ideas, concerns and success stories. This enables us to dive deeper into the true value that technology can bring to education. Whether you are interested in using technology in a brand-new way, better utilising what is already in place or simply getting insight into what is ‘out there’ the showcase is a valuable tool. We greatly encourage anyone who is seeking inspiration for tech in the classroom to attend a session.

More information about the Showcase Classroom, including how to book a session, can be found in this Sway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Demonstrating learning through Sway

This week our FAQ has been inspired by interest around mediums in which students can express their ideas and creativity. Many of the educators we've seen in the Showcase Classroom reflected that when asked to create a presentation, students often spend more time experimenting with many of the design and animation features of a tool such as PowerPoint, and less time focusing on the actual content and demonstrating what it is that they have learned.

With this in mind, many teachers are embracing Sway as a new tool to engage students and let them express themselves. Sway is Microsoft’s digital story telling app - available to Office 365 education users worldwide - that transforms the process of creating presentations, making it quick and easy to ensure that the end product is visually pleasing, while letting the user focus on the content. Sway’s ‘remix’ feature also offers a range of random design renovations, at the click of a button. By simplifying design, Sway encourages more time to be invested in both the content and delivery of work. The programme does however still offer a high level of customisation, meaning the creative experience is not entirely lost. This is a great addition to any educational setting.

The best way to truly understand how it can impact your classroom is to have a go! There are countless possibilities that exist with Sway in education, and you can find lots of tutorials, templates examples and inspiration on the Microsoft Educator Community.

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