Imagine Academy – providing digital skills, curricula & certifications to teachers, students and staff

The following post is from Anthony Nneke, Education Business Manager at Microsoft UK. Anthony leads on the Imagine Academy on behalf of the Microsoft UK Education team.

We have a series of on-demand webinars available for you to learn more about the impact of Imagine Academy:

What does Microsoft Offer In relation to Professional Development and Digital Skills for Institutions?

Teacher Capacity is a crucial factor in driving success in classrooms around the world. At Microsoft, we are investing significantly in programs and offers to provide teachers with professional development. Our resources are represented through four primary programs:

Elsewhere on this blog you'll find lots of posts about the MEC and MIE activities, but today we're going to focus on Imagine Academy.


Imagine Academy allows Academic Institutions to provide digital skills, curricula and certification to their teachers, students and staff as well as support CPD for the IT professionals within the institutions. All of this is geared towards giving students the best chance to succeed in the digital world, while providing CPD for Educators and IT Professionals within the respective Institutions.  There are a variety of courses available from Office 365 to OneNote to Minecraft to Azure to Windows 10 and Windows Server, Skype, SQL, System Centre and loads more…

Where can I purchase an Imagine Academy Membership from?

Contact your Microsoft Reseller and ask for a quotation they can add to your existing agreement and the membership can be purchased pro rata. Estimated retail price for a yearly subscription is around £859, however as stated the membership program can be purchased pro rata, so please speak to your Microsoft Reseller for specific pricing details.

For more information about Imagine Academy you can visit the website here, or alternatively you can contact your Microsoft Reseller. To speak to someone at Microsoft directly you can contact Anthony Nneke, or you can contact our Learning Partner Prodigy Learning.

Both with be able to share further information about webinars which are taking place on:

Interested in helping your Students develop and Showcase those Digital skills?

If the answer is yes, then why not have them participate in the UK MOS Championships.

The UK MOS Championships is  great way for students to not only develop these crucial digital skills required by employers, but to show that they are competent and accomplished in the tools and working methodologies that businesses need workers to use on a daily basis.

Microsoft and Prodigy Learning have formally launched the MOS Four Nations Championship for students across the UK and Ireland to prove their mastery of Microsoft Office and compete for prizes, including a trip to the MOS World Championship Final in Disneyland, California.

The MOS Four Nations Championship offers an opportunity for students across the UK and Ireland to prove their digital skills and be in the running to win fantastic prizes.  To participate, eligible students must take, and pass, a MOS exam (Excel, PowerPoint or Word) before 15 May, 2017.  Three finalists each from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will then be invited to the MOS Four Nations Championship finals day at Microsoft UK in June 2017.

For further details on the UK MOS Championships please explore the following Sway:

Why Do we think it’s Important to your Students?

The importance of digital skills in today’s job market is indisputable.  Independent research consistently ranks skills in Microsoft Office among the top five attributes that employers look for in prospective candidates.

MOS certification is the only official Microsoft-recognised certification for Microsoft Office, globally, and serves as a powerful instrument for assessing student capabilities and developing crucial digital skills expected by employers. But how does it benefit the institution, and more importantly the student? Let's turn to Wales for an example...

Robert Cook from Treorchy Comprehensive School was able to gain a Job in the NHS through the Microsoft Certification he gained.

“The NHS valued my MOS qualifications and it enabled me to be narrowed down from 365 applicants to one. After talking with my employer, who is the head of software development at Cwm Taff, he said he valued my Microsoft experience greatly and it made me stand out.” - Robert Cook

For more information about the MOS Championships, please refer to the Sway.

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