Don’t Miss your Opportunity to Become a Microsoft School


Don’t Miss your Opportunity to Become a Microsoft School

A Microsoft School has an association with Microsoft that may include products, services, solutions, purchasing, events, or aspiration. Some schools may have just started or signalled an intent to start a journey to whole school transformation for improving teaching and learning with Microsoft technology. Your school can automatically register to join the Microsoft School program.

What do you have to do?

Simply Register using the registration link

What does the school receive?

  • A Quick Start Guide filled with teaching and learning resources.
  • Regular reporting on how well you are doing with Office 365
  • Support from a dedicated onboarding and usage strategy specialist
  • Personalised strategy and execution plan development through FastTrack customer success service
  • An exclusive code to unlock a Microsoft School badge for every member of your staff!
  • Opportunity to learn from a Microsoft Showcase School.
  • A monthly publication with the best of Microsoft teaching and leading assets.
  • Opportunity to be part of the Microsoft Showcase Research partner program.

We look forward to supporting your school and its digital journey with Microsoft.

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