Announcing the micro:bit Christmas Challenge!

As schoolchildren (and their teachers!) excitedly continue to count down the days until Christmas, festive themed activities and lesson plans are appearing in classrooms up and down the land! We're pleased to share news of another way that you can bring a sprinkling of yuletide magic and wonder to your students, through the BBC micro:bit Christmas Challenge!

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How could the micro:bit help Santa deliver his Christmas presents this year?

2016-12-04-christmas-challengeThe Micro:bit Foundation has been contacted by Santa Claus himself. He has heard how amazing the micro:bit is and the wonderful things being created with it and, being a techie chap himself, wondered if anybody out there could design a piece of micro:bit tech that could help him with his deliveries on Christmas Eve.

We said of course that our brilliant young inventors were up for it. What amazing ideas and devices can you come up with to help Santa with his delivery of all those Christmas presents? We will give prizes for the:

  • Best idea
  • Best working device
  • Best instructions

Who can help Santa?

Any person or elf with a useful idea for Santa can participate.

How to enter?

Please send your entry with any attachments to with "Challenge" in the subject line.

What to include?

Entries must be received by Jan 2nd, 2017. The winners will be announced by January 10th, 2017. Judges will include elves from micro:bit and beyond.

  • Describe your idea in a document, scan, video or photo
  • Take photos or a video of your device
  • Include instructions on how an elf could make your creation, including the script plus the hex file

And the winners...

Prizes will include a kit from Kitronic or Tech Will Save Us plus the winning entries will be published on and will be on display by the micro:bit team at the BETT show in London on 25-28 January 2017.

Good luck!

PS Santa would love a hint - so when you finish also Tweet about your entry with a description and image plus the tag #microbitchallenge and @microbit_edu in the tweet.



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